Board of directors - executive officers

Larry Chiodi - President


Larry has been involved with MoM since May of 2013 when he joined the Facebook Group as member #0013. He was a major contributor helping the club become an official 501(c)(7) registered social club in December of 2013.  Larry also organized and ran the successful Fall Foliage cruise for the club, which has been growing substantially each year.  His first Mustang was a 1987 Mustang GT T-top and has loved the Fox body style since then.  He now owns a 2012 Mustang California Special and is in process of restoring a 1987 T-Top as well. Larry fully enjoys exercising all aspects of his Mustang by running it in drag racing, auto-cross as well as showing it at both club events and other shows where MoM represents.  He currently fulfills the role of President. 

Mark LeBel - Vice President/ Membership Manager


Mark is member #0134, and joined the club in the spring of 2014. He assumed the role of Co-Lead for the Central Mass region in 2016. After his Wife drove a friends Mustang she threw out the the idea, of maybe picking up a Mustang convertible. So in the summer of 2002 bought their 1st, a 1989 GT Convertible, all original. He held on to that car till summer of 2014, when they purchased a 2004 GT Convertible that they quickly realized was not the right one. Mark now owns a 2014 GT Premium Coupe, with a few subtle mods, and more in the planning stages. 

Michelle Morrow - Treasurer


Michelle joined the club in 2015 after purchasing a 2008 Mustang GT. She was ready to go out and have some fun, after owning a 2006 Dodge Daytona Charger that barely saw sunlight. After going to a few MoM meets and cruising with NERR on a multi state tour, she decided she needed a new ride if she was going to spend that much time in the seat. In May 2016 she purchased a ‘16 GT and is having fun making it her own. She continues to run with NERR, helping to raise funds for cancer research. When Michelle isn’t cruising in Smoke, she is educating and empowering women, teaching women’s only self-defense classes and selling personal protection products. 

Marty Snyderman - Recording Officer - FB Moderator


Marty is the clubs founder & 2 term Past President of the club from Sept 2013 until December of 2017 and now sits on the clubs Board. He had a vision of a highly respectable car club where all members are treated equally. Of great importance to him was setting up a board of directors and to insure all club business is done as a democratic process.  Another priority to him is charitable support.  As such, part of the club’s rules is for 10% of the annual dues to be donated to worthy member supported charities. He also set it so all active military would be free after the first year.  Marty has also taken on the role as Mustang Club of Americas Regional Representative for Mustangs of Massachusetts. He has owned many Mustangs and Fast Fords in the past and he now owns a 2014 Roush Phase 3 that he proudly displays member #0001 

Board Members

Ron Ayotte


 Ron joined the club in the fall of 2013 and is member #0006. He then became Recording officer and is now a Board of Director in the club. Ron had his first ride in a Mustang in 1965 when a neighbor came home from the Army with a Mustang fastback and fell in love with the car. Ron is a retired Deputy Fire Chief and has a successful automotive detailing venture. He was won numerous awards for his Mustang (aka “the Mistress”) at shows and is willing to share advice about detailing to help other members keep their car looking awesome. 

Kevin Dostie


  Kevin joined Mustangs of Massachusetts in 2014 as a "Fun Ford" member with his 2013 Taurus SHO and is member #242 Kevin lives in Chicopee with his wife and 2 sons. He assumed the role of regional lead at the beginning of the 2018 season and is working on new activities as well as bringing back some old favorites. Kevin is an avid automotive enthusiast and has owned several Mustangs including a 2001 Steeda built Gt and his current 2015 Roush RS2  

Bob Caras


 Bob has Lived within a 15 mile radius all my his 75 years. He has 2 grown children.  He Attended Wentworth Institute and Fitchburg State College. He was a Tool & Die Engineer till it all went away by 1980. Went into Commercial Fabricating business employing 40 people and started from scratch at 50 with Ledgerock Metal Fabricators addressing the exclusive high end housing and institutional market. Interests include MUSTANGS, fishing, boating, R/C airplanes and boats, metal sculpture, motorcycling..He just gave it up due to balance issues, trying to stay healthy, On the advisory board at Assabet and Minuteman vocational high schools, He collects vintage outboard motors, and early single cylinder engines. His objective going forward is to stay relevant as long as possible.